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Daily Prompt: Fortune

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Every Christmas season, we are prompted to give to the needy and the less fortunate. The ‘less fortunate’, of course referring to those who have less than you. I am fortunate that I live in a middle-class family, have a job and no major spending responsibilities. I have a healthy body. Both my parents are still alive and can take care of me. I am the eldest so I get more privileges. All this contributes to my ‘fortune’. Therefore, this Christmas season, I should definitely make more of an effort to think of the less fortunate. There are the wars happening in Asia and Africa leading to mass evacuations. There are people who are terminally ill and cannot afford proper health care. There are also terminally ill people for whom there is no cure. Violence leading to murder is taking place everywhere even in my country. So this Christmas season, I will give thanks to God for my fortune in life.


P.S. It may be that my parents intended for me to have all this fortune because they named me ‘Saidah’ which means ‘happy and fortunate’.

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Time Does Fly

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Today is the fifth of December, 2016. In sixteen days, the year will end. Quite a number of things happened to me this year. I officially graduated from my Master’s programme. I got my first real job as a librarian. I celebrated being born a quarter century ago. And now the end of the year is coming up. That’s not all. I can still remember being a high school student. Twenty was a long way away. I enjoyed being a child. (I was one of those who considered even the teenage years part of childhood). Now I am an adult- legally and physically. I can vote and have voted. I can drink (but I don’t because alcohol tastes nasty). I can drive (but I don’t want to because I have younger brothers who are perfectly ‘willing’ to drop me wherever I want). *Muahahaha*- Eldest sibling privilege. *sigh* Time really does fly. Yet, I wouldn’t want to go backward. I have gained a lot of things now that I am older and I will experience lots of new things as I grow older. Time moving forward allows me to learn more and grow wiser. And it makes memories so much sweeter when you can look back like this.


I really hate to write.

The purpose of the blog is write down my thoughts on the DITA module of my MSc Library Science degree. However, I have never liked to write. I like to read, though. So I would use this category to get me in the mood of writing and publishing. Perhaps it will get me in the habit of setting my thoughts in words.

My thoughts at this particular time:

  • I love Disney music.
  • Science and Technology articles are very interesting to read. Even ones written in the past.
  • Research papers and books are not fun to read but depending on the subject, they can be very interesting.

I am sorry to the people who are following my blog making you read this nonsense when this should be a serious blog.