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Daily Prompt: Fortune

via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Every Christmas season, we are prompted to give to the needy and the less fortunate. The ‘less fortunate’, of course referring to those who have less than you. I am fortunate that I live in a middle-class family, have a job and no major spending responsibilities. I have a healthy body. Both my parents are still alive and can take care of me. I am the eldest so I get more privileges. All this contributes to my ‘fortune’. Therefore, this Christmas season, I should definitely make more of an effort to think of the less fortunate. There are the wars happening in Asia and Africa leading to mass evacuations. There are people who are terminally ill and cannot afford proper health care. There are also terminally ill people for whom there is no cure. Violence leading to murder is taking place everywhere even in my country. So this Christmas season, I will give thanks to God for my fortune in life.


P.S. It may be that my parents intended for me to have all this fortune because they named me ‘Saidah’ which means ‘happy and fortunate’.


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