Distraction, Informal

Time Does Fly

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

Today is the fifth of December, 2016. In sixteen days, the year will end. Quite a number of things happened to me this year. I officially graduated from my Master’s programme. I got my first real job as a librarian. I celebrated being born a quarter century ago. And now the end of the year is coming up. That’s not all. I can still remember being a high school student. Twenty was a long way away. I enjoyed being a child. (I was one of those who considered even the teenage years part of childhood). Now I am an adult- legally and physically. I can vote and have voted. I can drink (but I don’t because alcohol tastes nasty). I can drive (but I don’t want to because I have younger brothers who are perfectly ‘willing’ to drop me wherever I want). *Muahahaha*- Eldest sibling privilege. *sigh* Time really does fly. Yet, I wouldn’t want to go backward. I have gained a lot of things now that I am older and I will experience lots of new things as I grow older. Time moving forward allows me to learn more and grow wiser. And it makes memories so much sweeter when you can look back like this.


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