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Arcane Forest anthology

Arcane Forest AnthologyArcane Forest Anthology by W.J. May
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I got this anthology free from Amazon. I don’t usually read things like this but I decided to give it a try. I was bored and was looking for a new series to read. Since this anthology consisted of Book 1’s from at least nine different series, I figured there would be something to catch my interest. Here are my reviews for each book in the anthology:

Rae of Hope:

The story is interesting. However, there were some weak points in the writing. Sometimes, it wasn’t clear to whom the narrator was referring. Another thing is the fact that the students are supposed to be British but they don’t sound like they are. Yet, the author tried to add some Britishisms here and there but they just fell flat. At least for me. Also, in this edition, there were a lot of typos especially coming down to the end of the book. One thing I absolutely did not like was the insta-love. It seemed forced. The first boy she meets and she’s in love? I don’t mind insta-love but I expect it to be more romantic. For this book, I will give it 2 stars. I may try the second book in the series, though.

Eternal Vows:

This is a nice story. It involves inter-dimensional travel. It is interesting enough for me to search out more of the series. However, for some inexplicable (to me) reason, there seems to be a love triangle. Anyway, I will give this book 3 stars.

The Golden Cage:

This is actually a novella rather than a novel. I found it quite excellently written. I give it 4 stars.

Enchanted Immortals:

I did not like how this story kept switching back and forth through different timelines. It was extremely confusing. However, if not for that, I might have enjoyed the story more. I will give this book 2 stars.


This book gave off a horror vibe until the end when it was revealed that the first ‘villain’ had fallen in ‘love’ with the narrator. Yes, this is a spoiler but I don’t really care because the rest of the book is not about that. It was actually quite suspenseful seeing the plot moving along through the narrator’s eyes. The plot twist at the end came at quite a surprise. I give this book 3 stars.

Jin in Time:

This is actually a novella. It is Part I of a novel in fact. It was an enjoyable read nonetheless. I give it 3 stars.


I was so bored reading this book. In the beginning, I got a vague sense of Twilight déjà vu- the new girl, the mysterious boy. However, the paranormal aspects of this book were extremely understated in the first half. If not for the plot in the second half, this novel could’ve been a simple contemporary teen romance. I give this book only 2 stars.

Finding Obscurity:

Very enjoyable read. The plot moved along quite nicely. The dialogue, however seemed a bit stilted and not very conversational. Also, there were many typos in the book. There were words missing or even extra words added that made sentences hard to understand. All in all, though I liked it- 3 stars.

Resounding Truth:

Well, this turned out to be a novella in the middle of the series but that did not take away from the plot. There were no hints that made you want to have read the previous books. In fact, it worked perfectly as a standalone. It was a good story nonetheless. I will give it 3 stars. Goodreads ratings says that means ‘I liked it’ and that’s all I can really say about it.

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