Who Owns Creativity?

This is a blog post for the fourth session of LAPIS (I’m going to shorten the name from now on). I was absent that day because of the cold I mentioned in my previous post. However, I read the materials provided on Moodle so here are some of my thoughts.

The session dealt with Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights. Apparently, copyright law as we know it was established in the 17th century. Piracy, as well was established in that century. People set up their own printing presses and copied works that were published elsewhere. Anyway this topic made me think of that short clip that was shown at the beginning of DVDs that were bought in the early 2000s.


Funnily enough, I saw this on pirated DVDs. (N.B. I am not confirming that I engaged in piracy personally).

The battle between ‘pirates’ and publishers of any intellectual material is well-documented. Recent changes to copyright laws and the establishment of Creative Commons have added authors/creators of intellectual property to this ‘battle’. The Internet and the World Wide Web have facilitated ease of access to a lot of material as well as the ability to create and disseminate it.



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