“Day is done, gone the sun”. This is the first line of a military song played at the end of the day. I was a Girl Guide for last half of primary school and the first half of secondary school. This was a song that we sung at the end of every meeting.

Well, it’s not the end of the day but the end of a module.These last 10 weeks of DITA has opened my eyes to a lot of technologies. However, the most important development, I should say is my communication. I am not exactly shy, just anti-social. I rarely posted on Facebook even though I signed up years ago. However, for this course that I am reading, a Twitter account is mandatory. I found myself posting comments, related to the course mostly, but there were some conversational tweets as well. There were not many, only about 50.

Well, Twitter was not the only means of communication. There is also this blog. I may not have many followers but that is just my anti-social habits. I will continue this blog with other topics relating to my course, though I may publish posts for fun too. I have gotten accustomed to writing for an invisible audience and I find that I like it. So I will continue. Look forward to future blog posts.


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