I really hate to write.

The purpose of the blog is write down my thoughts on the DITA module of my MSc Library Science degree. However, I have never liked to write. I like to read, though. So I would use this category to get me in the mood of writing and publishing. Perhaps it will get me in the habit of setting my thoughts in words.

My thoughts at this particular time:

  • I love Disney music.
  • Science and Technology articles are very interesting to read. Even ones written in the past.
  • Research papers and books are not fun to read but depending on the subject, they can be very interesting.

I am sorry to the people who are following my blog making you read this nonsense when this should be a serious blog.


2 thoughts on “I really hate to write.

  1. Hi Saidah, I hope you can overcome your writer’s block. Why don’t you like to write? Understanding this is the key to overcoming your hesitancy. In this course, writing will be unavoidable, and therefore I wish you well in your endeavours to do so.


    • It is mostly that I am lazy and get easily distracted. That’s why I started that category of posts. I am hoping that once I get rid of the urge to distract myself, I can concentrate on the proper posts. It will work. I have almost finished one of my serious posts.


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